Mechanical contracting company was growing and required a tool to review their current project hours for their engineers and project managers. The owners observed that all the employees were currently busy, but also needed a tool to predict the capacity the employees will have in one, two, or six months. The owners required an analysis to project when their employees were working at their maximum potential and when new employees should be hired for maximum efficiency in managing their client projects.


Man Hour Planning spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel

The company currently uses Procore for their project planning needs. The basic report features include project budgets, budgets versus actual, and actual time. Most software companies also provide specialized reporting, but require additional fees for their developers to create the reports. Depending on the company’s workload, it may take several months to receive the specialized report features. For a smaller business, this time is crucial for determining the next steps needed for their growth. An alternative tool for reporting needs is Microsoft Excel. The advantage for this project is that the tool is available on all their users’ computers, can be easily manipulated to provide the additional information to create specialized reports, and can be developed in a shorter timeframe.

Project Strategy

  • Project Teamincluded a Project Manager, Chief Operations Officer, and Project Coordinator to determine the data that would be required to produce specialized reports useful to the executive team. 
  • Current Tools The first meeting reviewed reports Procore had available and determined the best way to use it for the company needs. After the initial meeting, it was determined that there was one report required from Procore to produce the needed information.
  • Internal Process It was determined the Project Coordinator would “own” the report file and be responsible for updating it with input from various team members.
  • Information Requirements When a Project Manager was assigned to a project, they were responsible for providing the engineer and project manager hours assigned to complete the project, as well as the beginning and ending dates proposed.
  • How was the information used?The Project Coordinator kept a Project Log with the details for each project - when the project began and ended, how many hours used, as well as updating the information when the project timetables shifted from the original proposal. Employee Timesheets were downloaded from Procore and saved in the file. Excel then compiled the information determining what hours have already been worked, how many are left on the project, and how many more hours each week were required to be scheduled in the future.


The construction company now has a tool that provides them with their work hours for current employees for the upcoming 24 weeks. With this type of insight, the management now determines when they are going to have a slow down or ramp up, ensuring they are able to staff appropriately. 

Project Log + Employee's Weekly Timesheet        =        Weekly Budget Overview by employee

Project 1 Man Hour Planning Spreadsheet